January 10, 2022

"I walked into the store today with my only pair of glasses I brought with me, which happened to be progressives, so driving and reading was a challenge. I had badly mangled them, busting out a lens and bending the frame, great way to ruin a trip. Without any indication that I am actually a weekender here, and the fact that my glasses were purchased elsewhere online, my eye ware was quickly put back to better than the condition they were in before I smashed them. This is a wonderful place. While I was waiting, I noticed that the variety of frames is impressive, and if you are seeking a great collection of petite adult women's frames, this is a must stop. They also carry a nice selection of high quality ski goggles. We will be back."
December 29, 2021

"My daughter broke her frames skiing and had no backup contacts. They fixed the frames and we were able to get a pair of contacts (with solution). No fuss, very nice. Saved our mini vacation. If I lived in the area they would definitely be my go to place."
December 28, 2021

"Some very compassionate people who helped me out when I lost my contact lenses on vacation."
July 23, 2021

"I somehow left my bag of contacts and glasses at home when I came up here for a week. The people working here were so kind and able to give me enough dailies to last me through my trip. They were so helpful and actually saved my life!!! ❤️"
April 1, 2021

"These folks are THE BEST!!! My daughter forgot her contacts while on a ski vacation last weekend. They talked to our local optometrist and got her the contacts she needed to get on the slopes. They went above and beyond. THANK YOU!"