April 7, 2016

"I cannot say enough about Scott and Winter Park Optical! My daughter has HORRIBLE eyes...she's both near sighted and far sighted with astigmatism. She had to have the "coke bottle glasses" for a couple of years until we found Scott through a referral from my sister. Scott made her the cutest pair of glasses ever, with thinner transition lenses, and a better cut so they don't hurt her eyes or give her headaches AT ALL!!! Not only that, she feels beautiful in them, and that is an amazing thing for an eight year old...something that is priceless. Scott took the time to make my daughter feel special, treat her like gold, and give her a huge boost in her self-esteem...and most importantly....helped her see the world through clear eyes! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Scott!!! You do amazing things for kids, and for that, you too are priceless!"
February 16, 2016

Thank you so much Winter Park Optical!

"This place is awesome! I have been coming to them for over ten years and every experience is a great one!"
January 15, 2016

"So friendly & helpful! Have only ever been fitted for contacts there. And now that I live in Salida, I still go back when I visit. They even helped me out with an emergency pair of contacts when one of mine ripped while visiting. Can't say enough wonderful things about these folks!"
October 16, 2015

"We're really lucky to have Winter Park Optical here! Truly outstanding care and customer service. Thank you, Scott and Jennifer!"
June 30, 2015

"I was a patient before I was an employee here, Scott is the first Optician that actually was able to find frames that I would wear instead of contacts. I can not say enough good things about Winter Park Optical, not only as a place to work but as a patient as well!"