April 1, 2019

"I was in town on spring break and bent my glasses that were on my coat pocket while skiing. I stopped in and they were able to fix them in 10 minutes. I offered to pay but they did not accept payment because it was an easy fix. Great service. "
March 9, 2019

"Lot’s of business take advantage of people in need. They value profits over customer care. Not Winter Park Optical. When my daughter forgot her contacts, that had the making of a very poor Winter Park excursion: hard to ski when you can’t see.__After securing her script from our Denver Metro doc via email, I forwarded it to Winter Park Optical. They had her script so we set off to get her contacts! My surprise came when I discovered the cost: Not $30—which I would have been happy to pay; Not $20, but $10 for 5 days of supply.__I don’t know Winter Park Optical’s rates and I don’t know their quality of work. But I do know one thing: they care about people more than profits."
December 28, 2018

"Dr. was very knowledgeable, and the staff was very friendly and accommodating."
March 24, 2018

"I’ve been wearing glasses since the first grade. I hated wearing glasses since the first grade. They would always slide down my nose, fall off, or just not fit me well. I bought new glasses here recently, the first time not at a major retailer. I have never had a better fitting pair. They don’t slip or move at all. When I picked them up, I was asked to put them on. They checked and tweaked the glasses to make sure the glasses are perfect. These are the first pair of glasses I’ve ever had that feel like I’m not wearing glasses."
July 25, 2017

"Winter park optical is awesome. People were friendly and helpful! While On vacation with my family in Granby, and my glasses got stepped on and broke. They were able to fix them quickly and inexpensively! Total life saver! Thank you soo much!"